Campbell Art Glass

Campbell Art Glass is a creative hot glass studio specializing in hand blown glass using old world techniques. Each individual design is the result of thirty years in designing or collaboration with clients.

Commissioned Art

Commissions can range from small vases and perfume bottles to large architectural installations or multiple repeated shapes (editions up to 1000 for corporate recognition).

Custom Glass Etching

Etching on the surface of the glass and the addition of metals further expand the decorative and interest range of these works. Custom applications of glass for your project is our specialty.


4 thoughts on “Campbell Art Glass

  1. Craig, I love your work there’s a lame statement!!! I can remember the first time I HELD one of your beautiful pieces , and I could not believe that someone could make something so beautiful !! I was entranced, I have a couple pieces of yours, and admire this art form more than I can say…it is one that I am truly afraid to attempt.. Some day I hope to be able to obtain more of your work. Frannnie

  2. Craig, I feel so privileged to have some of your work! The write up in the paper yesterday was great! So proud of you! Am taking the article to Jenean in Florida tomorrow. Going with Barb and Val, so they can see it too. Hope we can have another cuz reunion this summer.

  3. I purchased one of your glass vases several years ago in Chicago for our FL condo. Several friends have admired it and have asked questions about the vase, who is the artist, what do I know about the artist and how much do I know about the process of blowing glass and so on. I decided that it was about time I checked into it. I have a piece signed by you with the #78 on the bottom. Can you tell me more about this piece and why you created it and something more about you as the artist? If you need more information about the vase please contact me at the email address at the bottom. Thank you…an admirer of your artwork…Madonna

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