Art pieces include: Eternal Flame, Baptismal Fonts, Oil Vessels
The unique nature of each parish, worship space and tradition allows Campbell Art Glass to specialize in custom blown glass, etched text or images combined with brass or wood to meet your outcome.


Works include: Wall Sculpture, Water Features, Ceiling Treatments
Medical facilities, Colleges and Corporate clients have utilized Campbell Art Glass to affect their environments to screen off an area, representing a concept, distracting a patient or provide focus in a large space. Materials used but are not limited to: stone, sheet glass, ceramic, steel, plastic and blown glass.

Awards and Recognition

Works include: Awards, Logo Objects, Program Recognition, Advancement/ Retirement Commemoratives
Recognition and Awards have been a specialty at Campbell Art Glass for twenty years. Multiple pieces (up to a thousand) or single custom orders are welcome and can be proprietary. The clients’ concept is the beginning point where the designing starts and from there, the ideas turn to prototypes and final custom representations of your program.


Works include: Paperweight, Perfume Bottles, Vases and Sculptural Blown Glass
The variation of custom designs is always changing but these images give you an idea of the range of styles, materials combined with the glass (copper, brass, gold leaf, other types of glass), colors and surface treatments ( electroplated copper, etched surface or sandcarving) are available with these pieces.


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